I'm an animator and video-editor. And this is a bunch of stuff I post when I'm bored. Mostly about british men, TV and films.
Limerence (with mac&cheese)
June 28, 2012

'The Gentleman's Club' - a film about a group of friends, each of whom just so happens to be a killer …

FASSBENDER: The ‘Hannibal Lecter’ type, he kills because it’s in good taste.

CUMBERBATCH: The ‘Leon the Professional’ type, he kills because he’s payed to.

HIDDLESTON: The ‘Joker’ type, he kills because it’s fucking fun.

MACAVOY: The ‘Norman Bates’ type, he kills because he can’t control himself.

Somebody write me a fanfiction. Or a script. Either way I’ll be happy.